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  • Aisacan™ eco friendly containers bring the most packaging convenience with the least amount of material
  • Squeezable, ergonomic hand feeling sets this hybrid package apart from the rest
  • Cold refreshing touch when taken from the refrigerator
  • Differentiate from the beverage competition
  • Ecological and recyclable. Highly compactable and minimal packaging material waste
  • Stand-out shelf appearance. Flat surface printing proves to give the aesthetic edge
  • Filling requirements. From standard to aseptic and everything in between
  • Line flexibility. Aisacan™eco friendly containers were designed to incorporate PET neck handling
  • Solid machine technology. Aisacan™ is based on state-of-the-heart Aisa tube machinery
Hot fill containers and bottles
Aisacan™ Hot fill bottles bring to the market a point of differentiation for beverage packaging. Beverage Marketers will like this eco friendly bottle which provides a new drinking experience. The Aisacan™ beverage package boasts an improved grip by being readily squeezable. The combination of a flexible body & small opening creates an improved user experience. A turn-key Aisacan™ Hot fill bottle solution is also offered in conjunction with co-packing and delivery of final the beverage products. Trials and full production are available for minimum start-up costs. The testing and environmental life cycle analysis (LCA) and fully recyclable status studies were completed and are available upon demand. Aisacan™ Hot fill bottles are lighter, weighing in at only 60% of the weight of current hot fill packages (330 ml heatset PET vs Aisacan™ Hot fill bottle). Additionally the Aisacan™ Hot fill bottle offers a large, flat surface for branding with high quality printing and a patent pending panel-less hot-fill solution. It does not require any mechanical or chemical adjustments to most filling lines.
Aisacan™ eco friendly containers offer a point of differentiation & new drinking experience, squeezable, soft touch, fun to hold, for single serve beverages through a turn-key packaging innovation.
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lightweight beverage packaging
how to reduce carbon footprint
panel less hot fill bottle
recyclable plastic bottles
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The top 10 reasons for implementing Aisacan™
Aisacan™ eco friendly containers maintain packaging barrier properties, extended shelf life and product integrity, even with a significant reduction of raw materials. Aisacan™ Hot fill containers are available in the following formats: 250 ml, 300 ml, 330 ml and 500 ml. Sports and flat caps are also available.