Three Target Niche Markets

where identified from the Survey:
  1. Juices and Nectars 330 ml with flat cap.
  2. Sports drinks 330ml with sports cap.
  3. Kids market and mom. Juice and Nectars for kids sports cap 250ml.

Professional independent market research was performed with six different control target groups covering the whole range of consumers.
Key results show that 78% of consumers liked the Aisacan™ drinking experience. The small cap & opening was preferred for on-the-go and prevented « less spillage around the mouth ». The squeezeable Aisacan™ Hot fill bottle lends itself for flow acceleration. Males & young Mum’s have shown to be early adopters of the Aisacan™ bottle with exceptionally positive feedback.
78% of consumers liked
the Aisacan™ drinking experience
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Consumer feedback

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