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How the Aisacan™ Hot fill bottle works ?
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Aisacan™ Hot fill technology
aesthetically pleasing
  • Gets rid of ugly hot fill panels
  • Expensive shrink sleeve not needed
  • No more positioning problems with the shrink or label
  • Enlarged printable design surface over 360°
  • 40% less weight than a standard hot fill PET bottle
Hot fill panel-less bottle solution
with flat printing surface
  • Ecologic, more than 50% better carbon foot print compare to hot fill PET
  • Total package PE / EVOH version on par with PET oxygen barrier
unique touch feeling
  • Unique cold touch & ergonomics
Aisacan™ Hot Fill: aesthetically pleasing
Aisacan™ Hot Fill
Aisacan™ Hot Fill
Aisacan™ Hot Fill
Aisacan™ Hot Fill
The flexibility of the laminate or body of the Aisacan™ Hot fill bottles has been developed and patented using a specialized laminate which follows the thermal elongation of the plastic structure to compensate for the difference in increased volume during production and reduced volume after cooling as illustrated in the graphics and video below.

Traditionally juices and other ph <4.5 sensitive products have been hot filled in glass bottles. During the 1980’s PET hot fill bottles became popular, however, they required vacuum panels engineered into the wall of the bottle to compensate for the difference in volume created by the hot and consequently cooled down liquid.
The top 5 reasons for implementing Aisacan™ Hot fill