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In accordance with our Independent Life Cycle Analysis (LCA):
The cold-touch reclosable Aisacan™ with beautifully printed roto gravure reverse graphics provides our customers with strong, stand-out shelf-space presence. Our full production solution, together with our co-packing partner, makes this turn-key solution a real winner for companies of any size. Bring the product and the design, we do the rest !
Aisacan™ Hot fill,
the "panel-less" solution launch !
Sun Magic launches 330 ml Fair Trade Orange Juice in Aisacan™ Hot fill format. This ecologically friendly orange juice is ready for store delivery.

and try yourself !
Sun Magic fairtrade Orange Juice in Aisacan™
Aisacan™ by Aisapack at Interpack 2011
1 million liters of beverage packaged in the Aisacan™ 330 ml bottle could save up to 232 Tons of CO2 which is equivalent to 1717 planes traveling from London to Paris.
The Aisacan™ package technology uses less material, and is better for the environment than many traditional beverage packaging technologies.
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