Quality Assurance

A total quality system including a post assembly quality check machine has been installed.
Printing Options

Flat laminate printing using industry food quality standard rotogravure for full production runs. Small trial runs can quickly be achieved using digital printing.
Food Papers

All food approved papers for every component have been validated.

The no deadzone design of the Aisacan™ package allows for proper hydrogen peroxide sterilization. This has been validated by a major aseptic filling machinery company.
Oxygen barrier

Aisacan™ has comparable oxygen barrier properties tohot fill PET bottles.
Drop Test

Supple but solid the Aisacan™ withstands a drop of one meter or three feet without breaking.
Top load

A full pallet of Aisacans™ withstands the top load weight of a second pallet stacked.
List of Tests
We have certifications for non use of Biphenyl A for all components of the Aisacan™ Hot fill bottle
ACM1 Aisacan™ hot fill production machine
Technical validation
Aisapack has spent thousands of hours selecting, developing and validating the range of beverage industry components to ensure a reliable packaging system engineered to withstand tough industry procedures and standards.

The Aisacan™ was specifically designed to run on standard PET neck handling filling lines with minimal modifications.
Filling and processing flexibility
The flexibility of independently developing the beverage package from the filling system, allows for the Aisacan™ to be used with various industry standard filling systems and technologies.

Furthermore the Aisacan™ package is much sturdier than might be expected. The 250ml twelve pack withstands a topload by a person weighing 75 kg or 165 lbs without breaking.
Proven packaging machinery technology
The Aisacan™ Hot fill package is an excellent example of technology transfer from the tube niche market industry to the beverage industry. The Aisacan™ has been developed from the world-leading Aisa tube machinery technology platform called SAESA®. For more than 25 years Aisa has manufactured more than 300 machines and supplied companies worldwide such as Unilever, Colgate and P&G with SAESA® performance laminate tube machines for the toothpaste tube industry. The Aisacan™ machine has been developed from the SAESA® platform, and uses 75% the same technology.

We like to say we have not reinvented the wheel, but have just added one. A second wheel on the KSM has been added to weld the molded bottom of the Aisacan™ Hot fill beverage bottle allowing for a proper bottle to be formed. We continue to focus on our core expertise with the development of the Aisacan™ Hot fill innovation.
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