How does a new hot fill project work?
Beverage Marketing Brand Managers entice customers. Launch the new drinking experience Aisacan™ without associated heavy capital investment costs. Multiple Marketing, United Kingdom, has recently built a new high speed hot filling facility capable of filling millions of bottles of Aisacan™ beverages. This factory was built on a green field site and is located just a few hours north of London. Currently we are accepting new Aisacan™ Hot fill format projects.

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Hot fill bottle production machine ACM1

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Laminates developed and manufactured by our partner Huhtamaki
  • Aisacan™ Hot fill 350 microns + EVOH
  • Aisacan™ Cold fill or aseptic ABL version
Aisacan™ Hot fill 350 microns + EVOH
Aisacan™ Cold fill or aseptic ABL version

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Aisacan™ hot fill sterilization
Aisacan™ hot fill bottle cooling tunnel process
Aisacan™ hot fill bottle with sports cap
Aisacan™ hot fill package with sports cap
Aisacan™ hot-fill container with sports cap

Just bring the product & design,
We’ll do the rest !
Hot fill processAisacan™ Hot fill technologyPackaging PerformancesSystem SupplierEnvironmentConsumer feedback
System Supplier 04
Key high acid products with a PH below 4.5 can now be sold to customers using the Aisacan™. Such products include fruit juice and nectars with or without pulp, sports and isotonic drinks, RTD teas, alcopops without CO2. The preliminary production launch is 95’000 bottles. After initial launch, significantly larger production volumes can be produced on continuous terms.

This turn-key packaging system developed by Aisapack allows Brand Owners to develop a totally new beverage brand and package solution without the traditional high investment in capital and tedious extensive R&D validation. Thanks to Aisapack’s thousands of hours of proven product validation, new product launch cycles can be greatly reduced. New products or brand extensions can be introduced in a manner of months (2-3) instead of the year(s) normally required for a new product launch.
Hot filling Co-packing partners wanted: Business opportunity
Companies considering investing in a new hot fill facility should closely look at the Aisacan™ Hot fill package. Vipoll has developed hot filling lines which can run glass, PET and Aisacan™ Hot fill bottles on the same equipment. The neck handling and air conveying option, when added during the time of purchase, and installation of the new line, has limited additional cost, and allows the co-packer or brand owner to take advantage of the door opening eco friendly Aisacan™ Hot fill package innovation.

We are currently actively searching for European wide and soon global hot filling co-packing business partners.

Please contact or tel +41 24 48 20 600 Aisapack Switzerland for more information. Low risk and high potential upside !